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This past year we provided 2.8 million meals between our hot meal
and grocery programs to those in need. Did you know? Martha's
Kitchen provides nearly 250,000 meals each month to the communities
we serve. We partner with and provide food to 65 organizations across
Santa Clara County and the surrounding regions we serve to ensure that everyone can have access to high quality food. We need your support now more than ever. Please consider
donating to support our hot meal and grocery programs. We are blessed to have your support and want to say thank you for all that you do to help us serve our community!

Map of where we serve in California


"Thank you for supporting Martha's Kitchen."

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We partnered with FreeWill in order to offer this amazing resource to our community. It removes the cost associated with writing a will, makes estate planning free, and is accessible for all. Click HERE for more information and to make your free will.

You can donate cryptocurrency to Martha's Kitchen to help us provide food security to the communities we serve. We accept any cryptocurrencies that are currently supported on the Gemini Exchange. If you wish to make a crypto donation click HERE.

Donate your car to support our food programs. CARS will handle the entire process of your car donation, with the proceeds being given to Martha's Kitchen to help support our growing food programs. To learn more and to donate your car, click HERE.

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