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Martha's Kitchen provided over 2,500,000 meals to those in need in 2022. Please help us provide food security to the communities we serve through the 1st ever Martha's Kitchen Food Fight! Currently, between our hot meal and grocery programs, we provide nearly 250,000 meals each month to those in need. If you are one of the schools participating in the 2023 Food Fight, please see your school's information below, and stay tuned for competition updates. If you are a school interested in participating in this event in 2024, please contact us via the contact us tab to reserve your spot for the 2024 Food Fight.

Food Fight Event Information

Each school will be awarded points during the month-long competition in April 2023. Schools will be able to earn points in three categories: donations, food donations, and volunteering. With your support we hope to meet our goal and have a fun competition between the schools to help raise awareness about food insecurity.

Point Breakdown: 

Financial Donations: 1 point will be awarded for each dollar donated.

Food Donations: 4 points will be awarded for each pound of food donated.

Volunteerism: 8 points will be awarded for each hour of volunteerism.

Who Will Be The 2023 Food Fight Champion?

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