"See the full list of our partners below to find food near you."

Martha's Kitchen San Jose & Watsonville

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Use the list to the right to find hot meals near you. We provide meals to over 75 partners. This will be updated on a as needed basis. Thank you for supporting Martha's Kitchen and our mission to feed the hungry with dignity, no questions asked. If you have any questions please contact us using the contact page linked in the menu.

Our Partners
See below for a list of partners that we provide food to each week.

Martha's Kitchen is proud to provide food to partners in Santa Clara, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Merced, and Fresno County. Check out the map below to see a list of our partners. If you are in need of food please call us at (408) 293-6111 and we can help direct you to food resources near you. This map will have more updates coming soon.Thank you for your support!

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Contact Us

Phone: 408-293-6111


Address: 311 Willow St, San Jose, CA, 95110

Martha's Kitchen is a 501(c) 3

Nonprofit Organization.

TAX ID 91-2091094