Serving the hungry since 1981

Serving Soup

Serving the hungry, since 1981.

It is hard to believe that Martha’s Kitchen will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in 2014. If we were to paraphrase one poet we would say  ‘30 years is a weekend to an oak tree.’  It certainly does not seem that long. How things have changed in 30 years!  Our crowd is so much tamer.  There used to be fights that had to be broken up. Now, families come here because we provide a family atmosphere.  Looking back at old photos bring a feeling of nostalgia to our old-timers.

The renovation and expansion of our facility gives us the capacity to prepare over 250,000 meals a year.  The sunroofs in the kitchen provide plenty of lighting making our place so much brighter and more welcoming. Come and visit us.

Families at Martha’s Kitchen

We are seeing more families at Martha’s Kitchen. The high unemployment rate is making dire family situations even worse. ‘A landmark study released from Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, reports nationwide that more than 37 million people, one in eight Americans – including 14 million children and nearly 3 million seniors – receive food each year through the nation’s network of food banks which includes the Second Harvest Food Bank. The findings represent a staggering 46 percent increase on a national level since the organizations previously released study in 2006.’