Christmas Newsletter

Where Your Donations Go
The following sites serve Martha’s Kitchen meals. Your support reaches far and wide!

  • Martha’s Kitchen, San Jose
  • Advent Lutheran Church, Morgan Hill
  • Antioch Baptist Church, San Jose
  • Bill Wilson Center, San Jose
  • Dos Palos Youth in Crisis, Merced County
  • First Christian Church, San Jose
  • Goodwill, San Jose
  • Health Trust Living Center, San Jose
  • Sacred Heart Nativity Schools, San Jose
  • Project Hope, San Jose
  • Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose
  • Salvation Army, San Jose and Gilroy
  • Santa Maria Urban Ministry, San Jose
  • St. Joseph Day Worker Center, San Jose
  • True Vine Baptist Church, San Jose
  • USO, San Jose (when soldiers come through)
  • St. Joseph Cathedral Downtown Homeless Ministry, San Jose

How Does Martha’s Kitchen Help the Central Valley?
Martha’s Kitchen is 97 miles from South Dos Palos in Merced County. Yet we play a key role in ensuring that families who are worst hit by the economy and California’s 3-year drought are provided for. Dos Palos Youth in Crisis and Food Pantry, one of the few organizations providing food to the needy in the area, takes the long hard trek (3 hours in their recycled  truck) to Martha’s Kitchen once a week. The reason? 1,500 people waiting for food. The organization serves lunch daily except Wednesday to about 65 people, dinner every other Friday to about 150; and gives away bags of groceries to 1,500 people each week. Unemployment is at over 40%. The area is a virtual dust bowl. Your support indeed reaches far and wide!

Signs crop up along Central Valley such as the sign at left. While the problem is highly debated, still some fear a return to the 1930’s economic collapse in the reqion. Right photo: Kathy Fowler and sister Phyllis, founders of the Dos Palos Youth in Crisis and Food Pantry are shown with volunteer Roger Eckstrom as they pick up 6 tons of food. They borrow any usable vehicle when their recycled truck breaks down.

We Are Collecting Toiletries
Martha’s Kitchen volunteers are busy putting together packages of toiletries to give away this Winter. Still needed are razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, knitted hats, dental floss, Q-tips, combs, scarves and  gloves. Drysocks are especially important for the homeless. They are on their feet all day, and their socks become damp from natural sweating and sometimes due to the winter weather. You know how it feels to be wearing dirty, damp socks at the end of a long hard day. But you also know you will have clean socks the next day. It is a luxury for street folks to have clean dry socks.

Volunteer Spotlight: Willian Boyrer, President
William “Bill” Boyrer has been a volunteer at Martha’s Kitchen since his retirement in the early 80′s from the Retail industry where he spent 40 years in sales. He has been a gleaner picking up produce and bakery products from supermarkets for 25 years. He started gleaning for Martha’s Kitchen after he saw how much food was being thrown away from a nearby supermarket. In 1989, he became a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Boyrer is serving as President of the Board and will step down after two consecutive 2-year terms at the end of the year. He has also been a very active volunteer for several organizations such as Sacred Heart Community Services, Ascent Volunteer Employment Service and for the Christian Children’s Fund. Since 1978 his family has sponsored 17 children from 5 different countries. A  few have them have gone on to become a missionary, others as citizens of the U.S.and contributing members of the community.