Thanksgiving Newsletter

Martha’s Kitchen 28th Anniversary Honorees

Roger Eckstrom, Soupman

For twenty-eight years, Martha’s Kitchen has been serving meals to those in need with dignity, a kind word and a smile. No one is ever turned away. Brother Joseph Nu’uanu, our retired Executive Director, used to say, “We are just a ‘mom and pop’ operation,” back when we prepared thirty thousand meals a year. We now prepare two hundred thousand meals a year, but Martha’s Kitchen still has that “mom and pop” feel. The secret is the cheerful attitude of all the dedicated volunteers who give their time year after year. Martha’s Kitchen is proof that God is alive and well in our community. I feel privileged to have been a part of this wonderful organiz ation for twenty years.

Sacred Heart Church, Sagrado Corazon

Sacred Heart Church is the birthplace of three major non-profit organizations that have served San Jose for a total of over sixty-seven years. Sacred Heart Community Service was founded by Louise Benson when she moved her ministry from her garage to the parish grounds with the blessing of its then Pastor, Fr. John Coleman. She started Martha’s Kitchen sometime later with the help of five friends. Both organizations have served hundreds of thousands of people in the community.

In 2001, Fr. Mateo Sheedy’s dream of a first rate school for low-income children in the community was realized. We hereby recognize Sacred Heart Church for these achievements which are unprecedented in the history of any diocese.